Operational Resilience

Operations are at the heart of an enterprise’s business. As operations become more complex in an increasingly dynamic threat environment, risks to the enterprise arise from the increasing number and types of interfaces and interactions between systems, processes and critical assets. Therefore operations need to become resilient by incorporating the principles of redundancy, survivability, adaptability and component hardening into their design and implementation. In order to prepare for and respond to the risk of catastrophic failure, an enterprise’s operations and their constituent parts need to be resilient and adaptable to an ever-changing threat landscape. From dispersed global supply chains to the increasingly fluid movement of data, organizations need to be resilient across the full spectrum of their operations.

We draw our expertise from multiple industries, market sectors and professions to bring you the right assessment of the correct elements of your operational footprint. Using our experience in vulnerability testing, red-teaming, industry-specific insight and security design and implementation, we can identify weak nodes, components and processes and recommend cost-effective mitigations and security controls to build resilient operations over multiple geographies and environments across your enterprise.
We undertake a range of studies, audits, assessments and reviews of your operational lines and supporting supply chains to identify vulnerabilities and recommend improvements to ensure resilience is designed-in at every stage of operations.
We believe that the cumulative effect of resilient elements, system hardening and built-in redundancy implemented at each level of operations yields a resilience outcome significantly greater than the sum of each individual part, and therefore contributes to building and maintaining exemplary security risk management frameworks to enable the wider Enterprise’s business objectives.
Disruption to operations adversely impacts the enterprise’s bottom line. Disruption to an enterprise’s operations, when these are not resilient and able to recover, impacts the enterprise’s bottom line by generating spiralling direct and consequential losses. The Risk Champions will ensure that Generating Operational resilience at each level of your enterprise, across your entire footprint will maximise returns on security investments and will continue to do so with each subsequent implementation.

We Provide

  • Critical system and process assessment and review
  • Gap analysis and solution implementation
  • Supply chain vulnerability studies
  • System and Process testing
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Counter-Sabotage studies


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