Intelligence Analysis & Assessment

Timely intelligence, insight, assessment and understanding of your enterprise, operating environments and critically dispersed supply chains provides the analysis to plan, foresee and mitigate against the threats which seek to disrupt your activities.
From remote collection to privileged sector and market insights, The Risk Champions provide you with the knowledge, assessment and access to the intelligence assessments you need, to inform you strategic and tactical decision making.
With global coverage and unparalleled access to the networks your enterprise needs to understand, The Risk Champions offers intelligence insight to all facets of your business, associates and geographies, so as to best predict, control and mitigate all risks that you face. Drawing upon decades of expertise gleaned from policy, governmental, military and agency environments, The Risk Champions will provide you with the crucial insight into your operating environments, vulnerabilities, adversaries, competitors and geographic contexts you need to safeguard your key business interests and leverage your interests against both known and, as yet, unquantified threats.
Intelligence analysis and assessment is the baseline from which all security risk management decisions should flow. Without it, security controls, processes and frameworks will fail to meet the operational and performance requirements and could lead to expensive and unnecessary security programmes. The Risk Champions ensure that your security risk management programme is aligned to the threats you face and adaptable to the ever-changing capabilities of your adversaries allowing your enterprise to adapt its security posture and risk appetite to the full spectrum of evolving threats.
Intelligence and insight is critical to effective and value-maximising Risk balance-reward cases. Intelligence is the start-point of understanding the threats you face, your enterprise’s vulnerabilities and the impact such actors could have upon your operations and resilience. Small investments into understanding your environment yield huge returns in terms of cost-effectively securing your enterprise and represent a significant component of security programme’s ongoing benefits realisation and maximisation.

We Provide:

  • Open Source Collection
  • Strategic, Regional and Local Analysis & Assessments
  • Infrastructure, facility and logistical threat Assessments
  • Bespoke Product Development
  • Deployed Services
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Design Basis Threat services


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