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The Risk Champions team have over a century of multi-national corporate, post-conflict reconstruction and development, military, intelligence, government, high net-worth individual, and NGO-related security risk management experience.  Bruce Braes, and the team of experts at The Risk Champions combine their experience with a unique “adversity leadership” approach to understanding client needs and deliver successful outcomes.

The Risk Champions advise organizations and coach leaders to drive the change from “task-based risk management” to “risk intelligence”  thus aligning enterprise security functions  to strategic business objectives.

The Risk Champions lead personal interaction services with business leaders to derive the right knowledge, insight and strategies that enable organizations to successfully continue business through periods of disruption. The Risk Champions achieve this by providing strategic consultancy and advice, conducting  audits and exercises; coaching managers/leaders; writing and reviewing plans and presenting recommendations for improvement to create resilient and adaptable enterprises.

Our  strategic interactions promote the use of “Design & Systems Thinking” approaches to map and understand complex and dynamic interdependencies within and across organizations, their stakeholders and third-parties in order to develop Better Best Practices. For an experience Risk Management partner, look no further.



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