What are The Risk Champions

We are a niche team of network-enabled security, risk and adversity leadership experts. We are focused on enabling strategic capability and management functionality, across the enterprise functions of security, risk management, crisis management, adversity leadership and OSINT.

We utilise globally established and accepted risk management principles and enable organizations to better understand their security risk exposure. We empower our clients to effectively manage and mitigate those risks. Our guidance equips managers and leaders to prepare for and manage uncertainty, complexity, and the challenging circumstances that develop from  disruptive events.

We are a leadership-enabling organization

  • Our assets are our people.
  • We are experts in our field.
  • We identify, develop, share and apply best practice.
  • We are writers, thought leaders and innovators.
  • We develop policies, plans and procedures.
  • We train and educate leaders and managers.
  • We stress test and exercise systems, teams and procedures.
  • We act as your trusted advisors.


Over and above the years of experience across verticals, the proven results, unmovable work ethic and impeccable integrity, at The Risk Champions you are, and will always be, our most important client.

We Are “The Go-To-Guys”


Bruce Braes has decades of experience, and is a renowned Risk Champion. He has provided services to clients in the UK, Africa, Middle East, Australasia, South East Asia and the USA. He is an accomplished integrated risk-management professional and subject matter expert. He advises on the means and methods employed for organizations to survive and thrive, when impacted by adversity, be that either a natural, or a man-made event.

He focuses on the people products and the processes, to mitigate threats and minimise the cost of negative impacts. He helps leaders and organizations, to identify and manage threats and opportunities, thereby ensuring their preparedness to meet the challenges of the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.



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