Adversity Leadership & Crisis Management

To be able to anticipate the unexpected and respond to adversity, is a fundamental aspect of secure enterprises. Effective leadership in times of adversity, is crucial to effective crisis management and recovery. Information overload, poor decision making, conflicting data and an inability to predict crisis outcomes during adversity, are the root cause behind catastrophic failure of enterprises.
At The Risk Champions, we enable you to have a future by preparing you for the expected and the unexpected, ensuring stringent alignment between your operational resilience architecture, your business continuity management systems and your strategic objectives, through world-class scenario generation, implementation of crisis exercises, command and control training and strategic decision-support consultancy.
We offer the complete suite of table-top scenario management, exercise design and implementation, full multi-site/multi-geography simulation exercises and strategic coaching and mentoring of C-Suite executives, to best respond to the full range of red-team generated scenarios, in order to safeguard the enterprise against the broadest range of threats to critical operations. Our services ensure your enterprise is robustly aligned with regulatory standards, industry best practice and is therefore best placed and ideally prepared to meet current and future challenges
The value of an enterprise’s ability to respond to and recover from adversity cannot be overstated. Where others are content to rely on two-dimensional processes, checklists and crisis response plans, The Risk Champions ensure that your organisation’s leadership are prepared to meet crises head-on, confidently, adaptably and quickly so as to mitigate direct and consequential losses arising from a crisis to ensure that the value of your enterprise, its assets and people are preserved, safeguarded and protected in a crisis so as to guarantee that
recovery happens in the fastest and most effective manner.
Disruption to operations adversely impacts the enterprise’s bottom line. Disruption to an enterprise’s operations, when these are not resilient and able to recover, impacts the enterprise’s bottom line by generating spiralling direct and consequential losses. The Risk Champions will ensure that Generating Operational resilience at each level of your enterprise, across your entire footprint will maximise returns on security investments and will continue to do so with each subsequent implementation.

We Provide:

  • Crisis Benchmarking
  • Business Continuity Management Consultancy
  • Crisis Training, Mentoring & Coaching
  • Red Teaming
  • C-Suite Coaching and Training
  • Full-Spectrum Exercise Design and Delivery
  • Maturity Assessments


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