Enterprise Security Risk Management

Enterprise Security Risk Management is the application of fundamental risk principles to manage all security risks – whether related to information, cyber, physical security, asset management, or business continuity – in a comprehensive, holistic, all-encompassing approach. ESRM redefines the role of security in the enterprise, refocussing the security organization’s efforts to work in partnership with business leaders and other key stakeholders to identify and mitigate security risks across the operational, regulatory, socio-political and economic environments across which an enterprise operates.

At The Risk Champions, we ensure that ESRM is woven as a golden thread, through the strategic, operational and tactical spectrum of an organization’s endeavours, by bonding together the organization’s security management practices with its overall strategic objectives. We achieve this by utilising globally established and accepted risk management principles, to create a bespoke, adaptable and resilient security risk management framework, aligned to an organization’s vision and objectives for each of our clients.

At The Risk Champions, we apply systems thinking principles to understand your enterprise and thereby map the full range of your operations, assets, processes and supply chains so as to identify visible and hidden interdependencies, interactions and critical nodes across your organization. Too often, security risk mitigation practices exist as discrete, bounded and siloed states not aligned to broader corporate processes, objectives or risk management practices. Our holistic, systems thinking view of your enterprise will ensure that the advice and insight we provide you helps to build or reinforce your enterprise as part of an underpinning coherent security risk management framework.

The Risk Champions’ approach ESRM provides that framework, and is driven by asset identification and ownership, criticality analyses that ensures protective activities, controls and risk mitigation measures are prioritised, and aligned to corporate objectives and relevant regulatory standards, whilst ensuring the responsibility and accountability for security risk decision-making lies with the asset owner, is guided by the security professionals and championed by the whole of the C-suite. ESRM applies a “whole-of-life” approach to risk mitigation, management and recovery, that contributes to continuous improvement and overall resilience and optimal performance of the enterprise.

The Risk Champions Intelligently designed, partnership-driven, enterprise-focussed and professionally implemented security risk management services protect your enterprise from foreseen threats, mitigates against the direct and consequential losses of unforeseen events and builds a resilient enterprise that can thrive in adversity and ensures that you have a future.


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